Primary English Teachers' Programme

Primary English Teachers implemented by Sinmaya Mission 2 Days 21 Participants coordinated by PDE . Varnakularajah ADE English coordinated . Participant payment , meals were paid by Sinmaya Mission. 25 , 26 January 2016 resources from London arranged by Sinmaya Mission.

Preschool Teachers' Programme

1.     Preschool Teachers  3 Days Implemented by NIE conducted by PDE coordinator Manimarpan ADE Primary  53 Participants Northern Province Pre School and ADE Primary Education from  22,23,24 January 2016 ( Meal , Teacher Payment by NIE others were not paid ) DG NIE visited last Day

CALL workshop

CALL (Computer Assissted Language Learning) residential workshop which was conducted by Mr.S.Varnakularajah, Assitant Director of Education of English, held in PICTEC from  19th Febgruary 2016 to 20 th February 2016. Zonal Primary ADEs and ISAs participated in this program. The Aim of the program was updating Provincial EMIS website.

EMIS Workshop

EMIS residential workshop was held in PICTEC from  13th Febgruary 2016 to 15 th February 2016 , under the guidence of Mr.S.Tharmaseelan, Assitant Director of Education, Information Technology

E-Thaksalawa Content development programme

Content Development Programme for E-Thaksalawa Learning Management Sysyetm wich was organised by ICT branch of

PICTEC opening ceremoney

The PICTEC has been officially opened on 12th November 2015, by Hon Mr V. S. Radakrishnan with the guidance of provincial ministry at Vavuniya marukarampalai.